Conversation snippets from THE Molly Bloom of 'Molly’s Game'

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This morning, I had the most incredible zoom call with Molly herself, organized by my dearest friend Cathy, who is 60yrs young today!

I thought I would share some conversation snippets from MOLLY BLOOM the former olympic level athlete who ran the most notorious private poker game in the world. But first I am going to attempt to preface the conversation in the context of this uncertain time: 

As many of us navigate  through this new normal, we face many challenging shifts, adaptations and perhaps even pivots. 

The other day I spoke about giving yourself permission to press pause if needed, to process what is actually going on, to give yourself some time to marinate in this new normal.

The flip side of that coin is that perhaps now is a time when you are actually going through a transformation.

Some of you may have already lost your jobs, or perhaps have you have very real concerns about what your business may or may not look like moving forward. 

This may be a time wherein your actual career itself is under transformation. Or maybe the transformation is one of inner calling. 

Personally, I am always on a spiritual journey of fulfillment and now more than ever I can feel the pull to the other shore. As for  our family of 7 we are literally just trying to figure out what our new day-to-day schedule is going to look and feel like.


At any rate, whatever it may be that is behoving you, whatever pivot you are considering or whatever dream you may have been pushing aside, there is a time for everything. That being said here is the short and sweet of what  ‘The Molly Bloom’ shared with a small group of us today when asked the question of how to ‘know’ if the dream is real...

If you have a burning passion- pursue it!  Ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Do you love it? 
  2. Do you need it?
  3. Are you at the end point NOW?
  4. Do you have a burning passion to pursue it?
  5. Can you Eliminate the noise? ~Ask yourself if you can ignore the naysayers and cut out the ‘noise’ that is preventing you from pursuing your dream. 

If your answer is a passionate  YES then GO FOR IT!! 

As a lover of all things ritual… I adored that she shared with us what she calls her daily ‘inventory practice’. Obviously I am all in!!  I will be starting this practice  immediately. Here are the Coles Notes for this practice: 

At the end of each night do an 'inventory practice' ask yourself these types of questions:

  1. Did you show up today? 
  2. Did you extend service to others?
  3. Were you your best self?
  4. Were you courageous or fearful? 
  5. Did you follow the values you base your life other words your core values.

Basically ‘tell on’ yourself at the end of the day and see where you are in relation to where you want to be? 

So there you have the skinny on discerning whether or not to pull the trigger on your desires, pivots and shifts, and whether or not it is in your highest and best interest!

I am so grateful for having had this zoom call with Molly, she is a beautiful soul and I hope these snippets can be of value for even one person, as we navigate through this uncertain time.

Dana xo

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