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Simple Meditation Technique just for you



How to set up for meditation:

  1. A quiet environment- Ideally free from distractions and loud noises
  2. A Focused thought- To help keep your mind from wandering, you can focus on a constant stimulus like a sound, or a word or a phrase repeated silently or aloud or staring at an object. This repetition and focus will help to break up the train of distracting thoughts. I also find focusing on my breath very effective .
  3. Let it Happen!- A passive attitude is key! When distracting thoughts occur-  let them, this is normal. Do not worry about how well you are doing or if you are doing it correctly! You are! Let the thought pass and then redirect your focus onto your breath or choosen word or sound.
  4. Get comfy!- Let your body be relaxed, no tension in your muscles. You can sit crossed legged or upright in a chair. If you are laying down, there is a tendency to fall asleep, especially in beginners.
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