Our Story


Our Mission at Revival by Martin & Co. is to redefine what a watch should be. We want to create change not only in how a watch looks and feels but also in what it signifies. The value of a watch is not being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count.

Our passion and desire to help others has been our inspiration and motivating force behind our company. We recognize the immediate need for clean drinking water and sanitation in our world, so we have partnered with WaterAid Canada and SickKids Foundation. Moments are bigger than minutes and every purchase makes an impact and will help to transform lives!

Our company goal is to promote unity, health, mindfulness, clarity and flow. Our timepieces are not just about buying a product it's about stepping toward a lifestyle change. Achieving optimal balance and health. Movement, flow and harmony. Taking that first step and commitment to help ourselves and others.

Every detail within our watches have been meticulously selected in order to bring you quality and to help the wearer collectively channel their energy toward inner peace within themselves, our community and our world.

We have partnered directly with some of the world's leading timepiece manufacturers, who, for decades have been producing top quality luxury watches.



Each component has been handcrafted with precision and extreme care by select international partners who share our companies devotion to detail. Our International partners have been hand selected from all over the world from Switzerland, to Brazil, to Africa in order to get the best possible components for our top quality watches. The final assembly step and quality control is completed in Canada at our our facility to assure each timepiece is met to the highest standards.

Revival by Martin & Co, we are committed to sustainability. We do not cut down or damage any trees for the production of our wood watches. We only use reclaimed wood that has been carefully selected not only for its quality but also for the fact that we have a passion for sustainable fashion and we want to make sure that we are contributing to the fashion and jewellery market in a positive way. We sustainably source the finest wood from various places around the world.


One of the primary challenges when dealing with any physical product like this is complications in manufacturing. Rest assured, our carefully selected suppliers have proven themselves to be reputable and highly capable over the past two decades. Everything from where we source our wood, to the movement of each watch, to final assembly, we've got it all dialed in. We work directly with our suppliers from start to finish and even complete the final assembly steps and conduct all quality control in-house.