Revival by Martin & Co | Blog

Revival by Martin & Co | Blog

Simple Meditation Technique just for you

How to set up for meditation:

  1. A quiet environment- Ideally free from distractions and loud noises
  2. A Focused thought- To help keep your mind from wandering, you can focus on a constant stimulus like a sound, or a word or a phrase repeated silently or aloud or staring at an object. This repetition and focus will help to break up the train of distracting thoughts. I also find focusing on my breath very effective .
  3. Let it Happen!- A passive attitude is key! When distracting thoughts occur-  let them, this is normal. Do not worry about how well you are doing or if you are doing it correctly! You are! Let the thought pass and then redirect your focus onto your breath or choosen word or sound.
  4. Get comfy!- Let your body be relaxed, no tension in your muscles. You can sit crossed legged or upright in a chair. If you are laying down, there is a tendency to fall asleep, especially in beginners.
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Take 5 mins to Cultivate Peace

7 ways your Crystals will Empower your Soul

  1. Connect with your true light, spirit and highest self and bask in the infinite energy that surrounds you
  2. Channel your energy toward harmony, peace, inner strength and forgiveness
  3. Awaken your intuition and allow the powers of your inner goddess to flow through you effortlessly
  4. Release fear, guilt, self-doubt and what is no longer serving you, in order  to make space for the good you deserve 
  5. Attract  the desires of your soul and program your crystals with your deepest intentions
  6. Remind yourself with every glance of your wrist the powers that exist within you
  7. Anchor your thoughts and energy in peace and harmony and feel grounded to the beautiful energy of the earth with a sense of
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Conversation snippets from THE Molly Bloom of 'Molly’s Game'

At any rate, whatever it may be that is behoving you, whatever pivot you are considering or whatever dream you may have been pushing aside, there is a time for everything. That being said here is the short and sweet of what  ‘The Molly Bloom’ shared with a small group of us today when asked the question of how to ‘know’ if the dream is real...

If you have a burning passion- pursue it!  Ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Do you love it? 
  2. Do you need it?
  3. Are you at the end point NOW?
  4. Do you have a burning passion to pursue it?
  5. Can you Eliminate the noise? ~Ask yourself if you can ignore the naysayers and cut out the ‘noise’ that is preventing you from pursuing your dream. 

If your answer is a passionate  YES then GO FOR IT!! 

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Now is the time to hold the ones you love close to you, to soak up precious time with your children, and partners or perhaps enjoy the new found time to yourself. In years to come, may we look back with fond memories of the cherished time spent playing cards, painting, crocheting, dancing, or watching netflix in our jams. May we not take any moments for granted. The truth of the matter is that people will lose their jobs, some their businesses, some will lose their lives. 

Having ‘No Fear’ doesn't mean running from reality. It means doing our part. It means taking a minute to stop. Living each moment with gratitude. Washing our hands. Staying home. Self isolating. Slowing down, and perhaps going inward.

May we look at the emptiness; the new found space, the empty stadiums, the empty streets and stores with eyes of marvel at all the love. We are creating this space by doing our part to keep one another safe, for our grandparents, our immune-compromised brothers and sisters, and the people we may never meet.

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A Note of Gratitude As We Kick off 2020!

Just yesterday my 8 year old son read me a quote:

A guy walking in the seashore saw a kid picking up starfish from the sand and gently throwing them back into the ocean.
“Whatcha doing?” Asked the guy.
“These starfish were washed ashore,” said the kid “and they will die if they don’t get back to the sea.”
“But there are thousands of starfish along the shore,” said the guy. “You can’t possibly make a difference.”
The kid gently threw another starfish out into the sea.
“I made a difference to that one,” she said.

This quote sums up our intentions for 2020!!

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